Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Day

Here I am posting another update on my blog. Really don't have much to say, but thought I should write something. Work is going ok, wish it was a little busier though. Usually my mornings are busy and then the afternoon just sort of drags.

The weather gets sort of nice for a couple of days and then it either rains or snows or both. I want to get out and golf so much that it is just driving me crazy. If you know me, you know I would love to be able to golf each and every day. But, living in Montana, I usually just have the summer and then the clubs are put away. Maybe some day I will be able to play more often. I guess the perfect vacation would be to camp at Apgar and get up each morning and golf a different course in the Flathead Valley.

I've been missing Kelly a lot lately. The feeling just sort of hits me for no apparent reason. At times, I even expect to see her when I step through the front door. Please, Lord, give her a hug for me!!!

Well, have to go.



Patty said...

i wish you could golf every single day as well honey. i think it's such a stress reliever/therapeutic sport for you. fresh air, exercise, fellowship with others.
i miss Kell so much too. I like watching the Office but I don't even want to watch Dancing With the Stars - it would seem strange to watch it without her enthusiasm.
someday I hope we will golf together as well. i will never have the passion for it as you do but still would be nice to have that time together once in awhile.
love you hon, hang in there.

Kelly's runner said...

Hi Don,
Laura had told me you had a blog site and I have been meaning to drop you a note. I totally understand how you feel, somedays our emotions surprise us, you just never know what may trigger your feelings. Hope you get some nice weather so you can get to do a lot of golfing. One of my favorite places to play golf in Colorado is at Steamboat Springs. Many of the holes run adjacent to Fish Creek falls. I don't even mind when I plunk the ball into the water. The sound of water is one of the most serene sounds in the world to me.
Give your wife and your kids a hug from me.